Welcome to Career Pathway!

This website exists as a resource to assist people toward succeeding in the career pathway of their choice by exemplifing professionals who have walked, defined, or blazed career trails of their own. Here you will find information about such interesting and prominent individuals as well as lists of resources related to the individual’s business, politics, charity work, or whatever other nterests have helped to shape their success.

About Landing the Career of Your Dreams

Set Goals: At one point in your life–probably grade school–you learned about the importance of setting goals. This is because nothing happens without goals! We can onlly achieve what we aim for. Momentum requires direction and direction requires a target. In school, the target may be as simple as maintaining a particular grade point average. When thinking about your career, know what it is you want.

  • What income do you need to maintain your desired lifestyle?
  • How much time do you want to put into your work?
  • What kind of satisfaction do you want from the work you do?

Know Your Motivation: The direction or force used to hit this target comes from your motivation. Where grades are concerned, motivators might include the desire to qualify for after school sports, the hope of accelerating down a career path, or simply to gain teacher or parent approval. In the real world, motivations are more complex. Why do you want what you want? How important is it that you achieve what you hope for?

Set Your Limits: It’s all very well to set your sights as high as the sky, but you should know your limits. Don’t think of limits as what you may lack of resources (such as money), because resources can be found. When we talk about setting limits, what really mean is understanding what you are willing to sacrifice to get what you want and what is not negotiable. Limitations can exist in all aspects of life. You may require a job that is stable and has set hours. You may need to work in an environment where you are not chained to a desk. You may need a career that is flexible. You may be unwilling to relocate. These kinds of considerations are important to know before you start job hunting.

Know the Industry and Follow the Trends

Whatever career you choose, you will be more valuable and satisfied in that field if you give more to knowing it inside and out. Whatever your industry, you should know the influencers, competitors, and controversies prominent in the work you will do. If you truly aim at becoming a success yourself in this industry, your knowledge of it is likely to be tested at some point. Therefore, keep current with the news!

These are just a few things to keep in mind when it comes to forging your career pathway. For examples and news about others who have succeeded or become notable, view the profiles and news sources throughout this website.