Naveen Jain, founder and CEO of Intelius, was born New Dehli, India. After working for Burroughs (now Unysis), Naveen Jain left to work for Microsoft in 1989. As a senior executive, Naveen Jain’s job was to define what a product should do from a consumer point of view, thereby blending visions of software coders with market demands. After Microsoft, Naveen Jain went his own entrepreneurial way, launching InfoSpace, and then later Intelius. Naveen Jain is currently the CEO of Intelius, a company that conducts background checks and provides identity theft security. provides biographical and business information about the CEO of Intelius, with his biography, philanthropic information, press releases, and latest articles related to Naveen Jain and Intelius.

Naveen Jain keeps a weekly blog, where he writes about space exploration, coin collecting, Intelius, and his other personal passions.

The official Intelius corporate bio of Naveen Jain.

CXO News published an executive profile of Naveen Jain, CEO and co-founder of Intelius, Inc. Intelius received recognition for Best New Company in the 2006 American Business Awards.

On Naveen Jain keeps track of one his passions, space exploration and commercialization, on his personal blog Naveen Jain Space Explorers.

Internet security is another passion of Naveen Jain. This site keeps up with the developments in internet security, as well as the latest scams going around the internet.

The Free Encyclopedia of Ecommerce offers information about Naveen Jain. Jain has formerly served as a Microsoft manager, and his educational background includes an undergraduate degree in engineering as well as an MBA.

Naveen Jain serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Intelius, and had previously launched InfoSpace and served as a manager at Microsoft.

LinkedIn has profile of Naveen Jain, which lists his career highlights and business connections.

Intelius was recently named a finalist in two categories of American Business Awards of 2006.

Naveen Jain’s NonProfit News is a blog about the nonprofits Naveen Jain and Intelius actively supports.

Naveen Jain actively supports the Kairos Society, a nonprofit entrepreneurial network founded by his son, Ankur Jain.