Michael Saul Dell, the renowned American businessman responsible for founding Dell Inc, was born on the 3rd of February 1965 in Houston, Texas. During his years in college, he began his own company called PC’s Limited. He ran the company in a room at the Dobie Center, a 27 storey residence hall. After getting an additional loan from his grandparents, Michael Dell decided to drop out of college at the age of 19 in order to focus on running his company, which eventually became the Dell Computer Corporation. After several years, Dell Inc survived to become the world’s most profitable PC manufacturer. For 2004, the company’s sales reached $49 billion, while its profits for that year reached $3 billion. Over the years, Michael Dell and his company were able to accumulate a number of awards and recognitions for their success in the business. For his success in the field, Michael Dell was lauded by several publications. He was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Inc magazine, “CEO of the Year” by Industry Week, Financial World and Chief Executive, as well as “Man of the Year” by PC magazine.

Michael Dell is a famous American businessman known best as the founder of Dell Inc.

Michael Dell attended Herod Elementary School. Afterwards, he attended Houston’s Memorial High School.

Michael Dell started running his own company during his days in college.

Michael Dell’s PC’s limited eventually became Dell Inc.

Michael Dell is an alumnus of the Houston Memorial High School.

Michael Dell is the founder of Dell Inc.

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation was established in 1999.

Michael Dell talks about the company’s growth in India.

Michael Dell was profiled in Business Week.