The 38-year old Dr. Ari Juels graduated with a B.A degree in Mathematics and Latin Literature from Amherst College. He got his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California-Berkeley. Currently he is RSA Laboratories Principal Research Scientist and Director.

The RSA Laboratories serves as the research center of RSA.

Ari Juels’ profile can be viewed in this section of the RSA Laboratories’ website.

BNET, one of the best online resources for management, features the RSA Conference 2008, a leading information security conference and exposition.

Under the leadership of Ari Juels, RSA launched a channel program for its efforts for data loss prevention.

Vivian Yeo of ZDNet did an interview with Ari Juels where he talked about security solutions that his company specializes in.

The IEEE Computer Society’s Tadayoshi Kohno conducted an interview with Ari Juels on RFID tags and its new possible applications.

Ari Juels shares three effective weapons against malicious software.

Computer World Management gives a 30-second biography of Ari Juels.

With the increasing usage of Radio-Frequency Identification technology in access keys, inventory tracking, next-gen US passports and credit cards, it becomes a necessity to prevent duplication or data tampering. Ari Juels shares his views on this issue with Wired.

Scientific Commons lists many of Ari Juels’ written works on his field of specialization.

As one of the most prominent participants in the annual Financial Cryptography International Conferences, Ari Juels became the editor for the papers submitted and used in the academic gathering.

In 2004, Ari Juels was recognized as one of Technology Review’s commendable Young Innovators.

With his numerous publications on his research and documentation of the industry’s most important conferences, Ari Juels has contributed significantly to the development of computer and communications security.