Hungarian American engineer and businessman Andrew Stephen Grove was born on September 2nd 1936. Known for being one of the first employees of Intel Corporation, he was appointed significant positions that led to the company’s success. Born to a Jewish middle class family in Budapest, Hungary, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at the City College of New York in 1960. Three years later, he earned his chemical engineering PhD at the University of California in Berkeley. Before he was hired as the third employee at Intel, he was first employed at Fairchild Semiconductor. He became the president of Intel in 1979, the chief executive officer in 1987 and the chairman in 1997. has a biography of one of the company’s earliest employees and current senior advisor, Andy Grove.

Andy Grove advised Intel in investing in battery manufacturing, joining with other companies committing to an industry shift to energy technology.

The former Intel CEO has engaged in promoting health care ever since Andy Grove was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Inspired by his illness, Andy Grove has funded medical research on diseases and has demanded frequent updates and requested for new experiments.

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Andrew Grove, former CEO and chair of Intel Corp, talked about the success of fellow technology industry leader Steve Jobs.

Former head of Intel Corporation, Andy Grove, was present at the 2008 Plug-In Conference held in San Jose.

Andy Grove gave a huge donation of $26 million to his alma mater City College of New York.

Former Intel CEO Andy Grove is a recipient of the Heinz Award in Technology, the Economy and Employment for his remarkable achievements in technology and business.