Trends of Success in Technology

Technology has permeated nearly every aspect of our lives today that it has given birth to myriad fields including aerospace, biotechnology, environmental technology, agricultural technology, information technology, construction engineering, marine technology, process and chemical technology, and nanotechnology. Technology being almost synonymous to economic and human development explicates why careers in technology are now flourishing in this new age. In fact, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professions in technology are now recognized as the leading occupations supported by two-year degrees, and the fastest growing as well. The world of technology is so vast and competitive so you need to get the necessary education and training as you climb the ladder of success.

Education basically depends on the kind of technology field. Let’s take the field of Information Technology for example. Being a network engineer requires you to have finished a degree in Network Engineering. There are several colleges that offer this degree, some are even online, and MBA programs specializing in Network Management are now being offered by some schools. As a software engineer, companies would usually require their candidates to have completed at least a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, with knowledge in specialized languages such as Java and C++. Becoming a network administrator, on the other hand, would require some training and certifications such as Cisco CCNP, Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCIE, and Cisco CCIP. Companies that hire database administrators generally hire candidates who have completed a 4-year degree in Computer Science or Management Information System and those who also hold certifications for specific database software programs.

Internships are a good avenue for graduates to gain experience since internship programs basically provide real world experiences that allow these individuals to apply what they have learned in the classroom and laboratory.