Joe Biden is a native of New Castle, Delaware, where he finished high school in Archmere Academy. He graduated in 1965 from the University of Delaware and in 1968 and finished his studies at the Syracuse University College of Law. In the earliest years of his career, he practiced law in Wilmington, Delaware and from 1970-1972, served on the New Castle County Council. Since that year, at the young age of 29, he has represented the state of Delaware in the Senate.

Joe Biden’s website provides access to his biography, personal stands on different issues, press releases and latest news, services, and other useful links related to the prominent politician.

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Joe Biden gives his position on the top 24 issues America faces, including Iraq, LGBT Rights, and Oversight & Reform.

On January 20, 2009, Joe Biden was sworn in as Vice-President of the United States of America by Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens. The selection of the most senior justice on the court was announced along with the inauguration program line-up.

After a momentous victory in the recently concluded US elections, Vice President-elect Joe Biden shares his apprehensions about the soaring international expectations of the incoming US presidency.

Joe Biden stresses that he will be a different vice president from outgoing Dick Cheney.

In an article published by the Online News Hour, analysts talk about the development of the office of the Vice-President and how Joe Biden will manage the job.

In his first interview since winning the elections, Joe Bidden sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos last December 21, 2008.

In assuming his role as Vice-President, one of Joe Biden’s immediate focus will be on strengthening America’s middle class.