Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first ever student commencement speaker upon her graduation from Wellesley College. She proceeded to Yale Law before she began her career as a staff attorney for the Children’s Defense Fund. In 1975, she married Bill Clinton and moved with him to Arkansas to start their family. The 2000 elections resulted in her appointment as the Senator for New York, and she will continue to serve that function until President-elect Obama’s inauguration when she begins to serve as the Secretary of State in the new administration.

Hillary Clinton’s website features the latest political news, press releases, merchandise, option to donate, and her personal blog.

A short video about Hillary Clinton’s growing up years and her Pennsylvania roots.

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Reuters online has a tool to compare the different positions of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain on the most pressing issues of our time. This includes their reasons for their stands on energy, health care, immigration, Iran, Iraq, taxes, and economic concerns.

Hillary Clinton has proven her mettle through different obstacles which she maneuvered into opportunities. Writers John F. Harris and Glen Thrush discuss the Senator’s ability to grow despite the most difficult of circumstances.

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Hillary Clinton’s nomination as the face of Obama’s foreign policy begins a new chapter for one of politics’ most famous women.

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Right after Christmas, Israel’s attacks on Gaza will put incoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic skills to the test.

Senator Hillary Clinton with her husband former President Bill Clinton joined New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in ushering the year 2009 at Time Square.