Pursuing a Career in Politics and Law

When you talk about politics, the first thing that comes to mind is government and regulations. True indeed, students who are keen on a degree in political science basically study institutions, legal systems, public affairs, and governmental operations. Most political science graduates pursue a study in law and then proceed to become successful lawyers while others pursue a political career in related areas of study like public administration, international relations, research, social policy, public planning, social work, public affairs, city planning, political theory, statistics, and economics. Those who want to teach may need a Ph.D. while those who seek higher positions may need a master’s degree in political science such as Masters in Public Administration; Masters in Urban, Environmental, or Public Planning; and Masters in Public Policy. However, politics spans beyond the scope of government since graduates may also pursue a career according to what highly interests them; they can also aim to be interpreters, legal support workers, computer and information systems managers, intelligence experts, biographers, chief executives, military officers, special and tactical operations leaders or managers.

Graduates who would also want to pursue a career outside of academic life may become economic analysts. Having knowledge in the legislative process, the party system, and the intergovernmental policy-making process would pose great advantage for those who decide to become economic analysts.

Another path that a career in politics may take you is being a lobbyist. To become an effective lobbyist, you will have to be familiar with government publications and documentation; hone your skills in communications and research; and have a better understanding of the technicalities of the design, implementation, and evaluation of policies.

Experience in political internships will also help beef up your resume. Many students recognize the value of becoming interns since they are able to witness the real work that takes place behind government and public affairs.