Marsha Jordan’s life completely changed when she developed a connective tissue disease. She suffered through migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia, joint pain, and even temporary blindness. Through this experience, Marsha Jordan gained a direct insight into children who are seriously ill. After her grandson was severely burned, she learned more about the care and treatment of children, as well as gaining empathy for their parents. Marsha Jordan was inspired to create HUGS and HOPE for Sick Children to grant support to children and their parents during these most difficult times. HUGS and HOPE now has a 24-hour chat group, weekly email newsletter, and an established support community for sick children and their families.

The official biography of Marsha Jordan, which outlines her motivations behind creating HUGS and HOPES for Sick Children.

The official Frequently Asked Questions for HUGS and HOPES for Sick Children, which includes information on how someone can get involved with this group.

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HUGS, HOPE, and Peanut Butter by is available on, and includes many positive reviews from people who ordered the book.

Marsha Jordan wrote a humorous and inspirational essay for Expressions of Soul, where she describes herself as a “one-purse woman.”

HUGS and HOPE for Sick Children declared the second week of August to be Smile Week as a reminder to show support and love for children who are gravely ill.

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