Donna Berber is the wife of Austin-based millionaire and philanthropist Philip Berber. She and his husband are famous for founding the Glimmer of Hope Foundation. The couple decided to establish the said foundation in order to help mitigate the cases of poverty in one of Africa’s rural regions, Ethiopia. The couple started working as full time venture philanthropists right after Philip Berber finished selling his online brokerage firm,, for about $488 million to Charles Schwab. Donna Berber and her husband pledged $100 million to establish the AGOH (A Glimmer of Hope) Foundation, which operates by funding various development projects in Ethiopia. So far, the foundation has successfully funded over 2,000 projects all over Ethiopia since 2000. publishes an article about Donna Berber and Philip Berber’s philanthropy. The article features A Glimmer of Hope as a social profit enterprise.

A Glimmer of Hope, also known as AGOH, was established way back in 2000, by the Berber couple. Since its inception, the foundation has helped over 2 million people in Ethiopia.

Donna Berber started a blog in order for her to share her experiences while she is busy with charity work in Ethiopia.

An article featuring Donna Berber and her longtime dream to help Ethiopia.

Philip and Donna Berber are featured in for their growing initiative in Ethiopia. The couple’s foundation, AGOH, has reached ten years of providing and seeking help to improve the lives of various Ethiopian citizens.

In line with A Glimmer of Hope’s goal of helping people in Ethiopia, Donna Berber initiated the Donna Berber Primary School to set a benchmark for educational opportunity, especially for the young girls in the country.

Donna Berber and her husband’s charitable initiative in Ethiopia is featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

As a full time venture philanthropist, Donna Berber discusses the issue of proper environmental stewardship.

Donna Berber, an advocate of proper environmental stewardship, has inspired others to start several other initiatives that would help preserve the environment, as well as children and families.

Philip and Donna Berber entered into a partnership with the H20 Africa Foundation in order to provide clean water to Ethiopian citizens.