Wendi Deng was born in 1969 to a middle class family in Xuzhou, China. She is the wife of the famous News Corporation executive Rupert Murdoch. Prior to marrying the Australian born media mogul, Wendi Deng served as an executive for the Asian satellite television division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, STAR TV. Wendi Deng finished her Master’s degree in business administration at the prestigious Yale School of Management. At present, Wendi Deng continues to serve in her husband’s International News Corp company. She is currently playing a key role in the company’s push towards the competitive Chinese market. Aside from her responsibilities for the company, Wendi Deng is also the mother of two of Rupert Murdoch’s daughters.

Wendi Deng married Rupert Murdoch in 1999. She is the mother of two of his children, Grace and Chloe Murdoch.

A video documenting some parts of Wendi Deng’s shoot for her cover feature in Cosmopolitan China.

Asiamag.com features an article pertaining to Wendi Deng as a media capitalist, wife and mother.

Wendi Deng currently plays a significant role in the News Corporation’s push towards the lucrative Chinese market.

Wendi Deng currently sits as one of the board members of the prestigious Yale School of Management.


Chinese born Wendi Deng is featured in Forbes.com as one of the wives of the world’s famous billionaires.

Wendi Deng is reported to team up with international Chinese born actress Zhang Ziyi in running a new film studio. According to the American Vogue magazine, the pair is set to team up with Florence Sloan in finalizing the project.

Wendi Deng and her media mogul husband Rupert Murdoch attended the Australia Week Jacob’s Creek Black Tie Gala in January 2009 in New York City.

Wendi Deng donated around $100,000 to the victims of the quake zone in the Sichuan Province of China.