One man is changing the landscape of the music industry, one concert at a time. Michael Rapino is the 42-year old CEO, President and Director of the revolutionary giant Live Nation, which produces, markets, and sells live concerts. The Canadian music mogul graduated from Lakeside University with a degree in business before he jumpstarted his marketing career with Labatt’s Breweries in Canada and then on to Core Audience Entertainment. Immediately prior to his present spotlight-grabbing job, he worked with Clear Channel Music Group as its CEO and President for Global Music.

Live Nation’s website is an all-access gate pass to information on the up and coming concerts, exclusives, merchandise as well as ticket reservations/purchases.

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As Live Nation’s President and CEO, Michael Rapino describes the latest trends in the music industry. He points out that the hardcore music fan is no longer the record buyer, but the devout concertgoer.