Born Melvin Alan Karmazin on August 24, 1943 in Manhattan, New York, he is the co-founder and former president of Infinity Broadcasting, a US radio station owner and operator that is currently known as CBS Radio Inc. He is now CBS’ CEO and president. In 2008, he became Sirius XM Radio’s chief executive officer. When he was 17, he started selling advertisements on the radio. In college, he attended Pace University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. At present, he resides in Greenwich, Connecticut. He has a son named Craig and a daughter named Dina from his marriage to ex-wife Sharon Karmazin. provides a profile for Sirius XM Inc’s management team including chief executive officer, Mel Karmazin.

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Mel Karmazin is an executive at the Radio Hall of Fame.

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In November 2004, Mel Karmazin became chief operating officer for Sirius Satellite Radio, which is the rival of his former company, Viacom.

The success of the $2.76 billion merger between Sirius and XM creates Sirius XM Satellite Radio, where Mel Karmazin acts as chief executive officer.