Jeffrey Zucker, who was born on April 9, 1965 in Homestead, Florida, is a television executive, chief executive officer, and president of NBC Universal. He has received five Emmy Awards for aggressively promoting his well-loved network programs. Zucker was the North Miami Senior High School tennis team captain, editor of the school publication as well as a freelance reporter for the local paper The Miami Herald. He was also the president of his senior, sophomore and junior classes labeled with the slogan: “The little man with the big ideas.” Before entering Harvard University, he participated in the Northwestern University’s National High School Institute Journalism program. At Harvard, he took a BA course in American History. A colon cancer survivor, he is married to Caryn Stephanie Nathanson, a former supervisor for Saturday Night Live (SNL), with whom he has four children. In 2010, Jeff Zucker attracted controversy when he canceled “The Jay Leno Show” and proposed to move “The Tonight Show” to a later time. Conan O’Brien, host of “The Tonight Show,” resigned rather than accept the new arrangement.

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