David Suzuki is an outspoken and active advocate of the environment. He is known for hosting more than a few successful TV programs that focus on several issues regarding nature and science, including one of Canada’s most popular TV shows, The Nature of Things. Aside from this, the world renowned environmentalist and scientist is also known for publishing a number of written works. So far, David Suzuki has more than 30 published books. In order to support his advocacy for nature, David Suzuki established the David Suzuki Foundation. Born on the 24th of March 1936, David Suzuki currently lives in Canada, where he pursues his interest in nature.

For more than 30 years, David Suzuki has been one of Canada’s most active environmentalist and scientists. He has continued to make science a relevant topic through his various experiments. He also shares information, warnings and precautions about the propagation of genetically modified food. This site features his work as a scientist, environmentalist, and as a nature broadcaster.

In this site, the active Japanese-Canadian environmentalist talks about a wide range of topics covering nature and science. He writes about all sorts of things, from nuclear reaction to biking.

David Suzuki initiated a foundation dedicated to providing science based education and policy work in order to encourage more individuals to conserve our environment.

In 2007, Greystone Books published an autobiography of David Suzuki.

David Suzuki encourages more politicians to pay more attention to climate science.

In addition to his books, as well as his regular appearances in TV, David Suzuki also shares his knowledge about science and the environment on radio.

This site provides an overview of David Suzuki’s charity biography.

This site provides links to videos of David Suzuki.

David Suzuki talks about the dangers of global economic growth and the environment.

David Suzuki is featured as one of the heroes of the environment.