Preparing for a Career in Media and Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry encompasses radio, television, and print, which includes newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and journals. Motion pictures also make up the largest portion of the media and entertainment industry in that they are able to expand into other profitable markets such as home video, TV rights, consumer products, international distribution and much more. The media and entertainment industry has become so powerful that it has actually evolved from being a part of our culture to becoming our culture itself.

This interesting industry provides better opportunities so one must be sure to choose wisely which career path to take. Depending on your education, experience, and skills, you may opt to pursue a career in acting, whether for film or television. Other career paths include motion picture camera operators and editors; screenwriters; announcers; public relations specialists; interpreters and translators; photographers; news analysts, correspondents and reporters; writers and editors; broadcast and sound engineering technicians and radio operators; publishers; talent agencies; and producers. Working as a production assistant can also be a good start in inching your way towards the top since this leads you to better opportunities.

Excelling in the field of media and entertainment does not necessarily require you to have any previous formal training. In fact, several of the people who work in media and entertainment have education or background that is in no way related to the field. However, there are some skills that might help you in achieving success in your media career such as honing your skills in graphics, arts, fashion, business and math, writing, and technology. Having formal education in the particular media field that you would want to pursue can help you greatly since engaging in media internship programs allows you to gain additional experience, and helps boost your resume as well as establish contacts that can help you in the future.