Dr. Vinod Thomas is the senior vice president and director-general of the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group. He contributes important information, details and reports to the board of executive directors and supervises the activities of IEG-MIGA, IEG-IFC and IEG-World Bank.

Dr. Vinod Thomas held the position of country director in Brazil from year 2001 to June 30, 2005. He was also responsible for one of the Bank’s largest collections of policy, lending, and thorough analytical work, running about 57 projects, and a yearly lending agenda of $1.5 to 2 billion.

Before becoming a county director for Brazil, Dr. Vinod Thomas was vice president of the World Bank Institute (WBI), the preparatory base of the World Bank. He was responsible for the bank’s prime drive for delivering appropriate information in member countries through conferences, seminars and a range of texts, broadcasts, and other forms of multimedia.

Delving beyond his past occupation as vice president, Dr. Vinod Thomas also served high positions such as chief economist for Asia, chief economist for the World Bank in East Asia and Pacific region, and staff director for the World Development Report in 1991. He also served as chief of trade policy and as principal economist for Columbia. Before joining the World Bank, Vinod Thomas lectured at Vassar College and in 1979, he worked as professor and advisor of Urban Studies at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. He served the college up to 1981.

Dr. Vinod Thomas has an exceptional résumé; earning his bachelor’s degree with honors from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi. He also obtained his master’s degree in economics from the University of Chicago and the Western Michigan University. His doctoral degree in economics is courtesy of the University of Chicago.

Dr. Vinod Thomas has authored several books, articles, and reports.

During his term as vice president of the World Bank Institute (WBI), Vinod Thomas sharpened the institute’s focus and quality and expanded its mandate and impact.

Vinod Thomas, senior vice president and director-general of the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group, earned his PhD in Economics from of the University of Chicago.

Vinod Thomas published From Inside Brazil in April 2006.

Vinod Thomas launched his book O Brasil Visto por Dentro last December 01, 2009 at Livraria Cultura, Casa Park Shopping.