Sonal Shah’s stellar humanitarian career employed the skills learned with her Masteral Degree in Economics from Duke University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1990. Early on, with her impressive position at the U.S. Treasury Department, it was clear she was made for great things.

Born in Mumbai India, Shah was made director of the new Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in the White House on April 2009. Before this position, she was one of the participants of the Obama-Biden Transition Project. Moreover, she headed’s philanthropic arm, Global Development Initiatives.

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Sonal Shah established a clear directive upon joining the White House’s team as enumerates.

National Coordinator for relief operations Sonal Shah was a crucial figure for these efforts.

The top Indian-American newspaper in the US, India Abroad, recognized the magnanimous efforts of Indicorps founder Sonal Shah by bestowing on her the India Abroad Person of the Year 2003 Award.

Sonal Shah joined the Center for American Progress, a commitment she balances with her duties at the equally-demanding Center for Global Development.

The inspiring story that is Sonal Shah’s life as an active volunteer, sibling and model changemaker is document in

As a speaker for 3rd Annual South Asian Students Association Lecture Series in 2007, Indicorps Found Sonal Shah was tapped to share her economic and humanitarian expertise in the talk sponsored by the Brown University Watson Institute for International Studies.

Counterpunch, one of America’s top political newspapers did an alternative feature article aptly entitled “The Many Faces of Sonal Shah.”

Sonal Shah joined in the exclusive team to spearhead the group’s global economic development platforms.

A prominent member of the Opening Panel, Sonal Shah participated in The 2008 Next Generation Project’s National Assembly, which facilitated a discourse on US Global Policy and the Future of International Institutions.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy heralded the White House’s appointment of Sonal Shah into its ranks as Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation.

Deemed an “Expert Blog on the State of Federal Technology,” Tech Insider confirmed reports on Sonal Shah that previously hinted at her growth from head of Google’s philanthropic arm, to join the Obama administration.