Dr. Jeong Kim is a well known Korean American electrical engineer and administrator. He currently serves as the president of Bell Labs. Jeong Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea. Jeong Kim moved to the United States with his father and stepmother when he was 14. Even before he learned to speak the English language, Jeong Kim went to school in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Jeong Kim attended the Johns Hopkins University and stayed there for three years, until he finished his computer science degree and electrical engineering degree. While he was still in college, Jeong Kim started working for Digitus, a start-up computer company where he eventually became a partner. After graduation, Jeong Kim served as a nuclear submarine officer in the United States Navy for a period of seven years. While serving as an officer for the US Navy, Jeong Kim also worked on completing his master’s degree in Technical Management at the Johns Hopkins University. In 1992, Jeong Kim successfully started his own firm and called it Yurie Systems. He established this firm as a way to promote his ideas regarding streamlining electronic communications across various systems.

Jeong Kim is a well known Korean American engineer and administrator.

Jeong Kim currently serves as the president of Bell Labs.

Bell Laboratories, formerly known as the AT&T Bell Laboratories and Bell Telephone Laboratories, operates as a research and development organization for Alcatel-Lucent.

Jeong Kim was interviewed by the Academy of Achievement.

Jeong Kim serves as the executive vice president of Alcatel-Lucent. He is also a member of the Alcatel-Lucent committee.

Jeong Kim was interviewed by global telecoms business. –

Jeong Kim is hailed as a business hall of famer.

Jeong Kim is also known as the founder of Yurie Systems Inc.

Jeong Kim’s profile is published in Intelius.