Chin Ning Chu was one of the most famous business consultants and business management authors in the Pacific Rim. She was born in 1947 and died of cancer in 2009. Prior to becoming a consultant and a bestselling author, Chin Ning Chu worked as a TV actress and marketer. As an author, she produced several worldwide bestsellers including The Art of War for Women, The Asian Mind Game, and Thick Face, Black Heart. As a business consultant, Chin Ning Chu coached several American personalities on how to handle negotiations. She was considered as an expert on the Asian psyche. Her reputation earned her regular appearances in several business seminars, as well as in various TV talk shows including Larry King Live.

Chin Ning Chu, the accomplished author of several international bestsellers, was interviewed by

A website dedicated to the late Chinese-American author,Chin Ning Chu. The website includes an obituary of the late author. The site also provides her bio, her profile as an author, writer, speaker and strategist. The site also provides an overview of her books, as well as a list of her clients.

Chinese American business consultant Chin Ning Chu was the author of the bestseller The Asian Mind Game.

As an author, Chin Ning Chu was famous for her adaptation of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Before her death in 2009, she came out with her latest book, The Art of War for Women.

Chin Ning Chu was one of the renowned speakers and personalities featured in the London Speaker Bureau in Sweden.

This site provides a comprehensive profile of the late business consultant and writer, Chin Ning Chu.

Aside from publishing The Art of War for Women and The Asian Mind Game, Chin Ning Chu also published several other self help books including Do Less, Achieve More.

Provides links to videos of Chin Ning Chu discussing her latest book, The Art of War for Women. provides a profile of the late Chinese American author Chin Ning Chu.

Chin Ning Chu’s profile as a writer is featured in HarperCollinsPublishers.