Tom Hicks is the chairman of the Hicks Holdings LCC, an investment firm that owns the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Stars, Mesquite Championship Rodeo, and 50% of the Liverpool Football Club. Tom Hicks launched his career in leveraged buyouts when he worked for the First National Bank of Austin. He went on to form the successful private equity firm HM Capital Partners. Tom Hicks is currently concentrating on his sports investments.

The official biography of Tom Hicks on the Dallas Stars corporate website.

The official site for Hicks Holdings, which includes an extensive biography of Tom Hicks, along with the company’s current and past deals.

Another branch of Hicks Holdings is Hicks Trans American Partners, which is the Latin American arm of the private equity firm.

Forbes profile of Tom Hicks, which lists him #355 of richest Americans with a net worth of $1.4 billion.

Tom Hicks is featured on Notable Alumni of the University of Texas.

Tom Hicks buys the Texas Rangers for $250 million.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett agree to take over the Liverpool Football Club.

Tom Hicks is considering selling the Texas Rangers, but the Dallas Stars are off the table.

Tom Hicks may be retired, but according to BusinessWeek, he is still very active in buyouts and deal making.