Best known for being the founder of Pacific Equity Partners (PEP), Simon Pillar has a portfolio of company board involvements that includes Tegel Foods, Hoyts Group, REDgroup Retail, Independent Liquor and Griffin’s Foods. Before he formed PEP, he was the vice president of Bain and Company and also acted as a consultant in Australasia, Asia and the United States. He has been actively practicing in Asia and Australia since 1990 and had been the head of Bain and Company’s Singapore office from 1995 to 1997. Prior to this, he was a bachelor of science in civil engineering graduate of the University of Bristol, where he earned the Institution of Civil Engineers Award. He received his MBA degree from the Wharton School, where he was a George Washington Business and Thouron Scholar.

The Sydney Morning Herald listed the activities thatSimon Pillar does outside his efforts in private equity.

REDgroup Retail provides a brief bio of one of its Board of Directors, Pacific Equity Partners’ Simon Pillar.

Simon Pillar of PEP attended this year’s 22nd yearly Asian Private Equity and Venture Forum, which was held in Hong Kong last November.

PEP founder Simon Pillar commented when the private equity firm closed its fourth PE fund, which was worth AU$4 billion.

Upon acquiring Independent Liquor, PEP’s Simon Pillar said he was “delighted” to work with the company.

Simon Pillar explained the nature of his formed private equity firm Pacific Equity Partners.

Simon Pillar is a Board member of the various companies his company Pacific Equity Partners has acquired.

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Simon Pillar sees opportunity for growth in the acquisition of Hoyts Cinemas by his Pacific Equity Partners.

In 2008, Simon Pillar made a statement on the future of private equity.

In an interview about failing companies relying on private equity for a “capital injection,” Simon Pillar commented that there are businesses that realize the struggles of having increased funding costs, thereby feeling the need to “clean their balance sheets.”

Simon Pillar, alongside Tim Sims and other developers of Pacific Equity Partners, are dubbed as “Australia’s private predators.”