Peter Brooke is best known as the current chairman of Advent International, a globally known private equity firm. He is also the founder of Brooke Private Equity Advisors and the chairman of the Fund Manager. Peter Brooke studied at Phillips Exeter Academy, then went on to Harvard College and later attended Harvard Graduate School of Business. After serving in the United States Army, he worked as a loan officer at the First National Bank of Boston. Eventually, he was appointed as head of Venture Capital and Special Situation Investing at the Bessemer Securities Corp. He has had more corporate affiliations following these positions.

Advent International has an overview of Peter Brooke’s business experience, as well as his past and present directorships.

Peter Brooke was at the Olin Auditorium in Babson to talk about his new book called A Vision for Venture Capital: Realizing the Promise of Global Venture Capital and Private Equity.

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A brief background on and a Google Map marking the location of the Blank Center of Entrepreneurship, Babson Park where an event that he attended last November 10th 2009 was held.

Peter Brooke is the guest of honor at an Xconomy discussion, which was hosted by Polaris Venture Partners co-founder Terry McGuire.

In 2000, Peter A. Brooke received an Alumni Achievement Award, which was given by his alma mater Harvard Business School.

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Winthrop announced its release of A Vision for Venture Capital: Realizing the Promise of Global Venture Capital and Private Equity, which was written by private equity expert Peter Brooke.

Peter A. Brooke is among the advisers of the international private equity firm called The View Group.