Michael F. Price started as a full partner at Mutual Series in 1982. Several years later, the firm went into partnership with the Franklin Templeton Investments, a holding company founded in 1947 in New York. In 1998, Michael Price gave up his daily fund management duties and focused more on his responsibilities as the chairman of the merger. Having gained enough knowledge and experience, Michael Price filed his resignation from the firm in 2001 and went off to establish his own fund company, MFP Investors. His own firm is currently based in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Michael Price is best known as a value investor, as well as a fund manager in Far Hills, New Jersey.

Michael Price’s profile as a fund manager is published in NYTimes.

Michael Price became Mutual Series’ chairman and president in 1988, right after Max Heine’s death.

Michael Price graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1973.

Franklin Templeton Investments is a holding company headquartered in San Mateo, CA.

Michael Price’s resignationfrom Franklin Templeton Investments in 1998 came out in the New York Times.

Michael Price published his own book entitled Power Bankers: Sales Culture Secret of High Performance Banks.

Michael Price took a stake in Reader’s Digest in 1997.

Michael Price was recognized as the 562nd richest person in the world by the prestigious finance magazine, Forbes. His estimated net worth is $1.4 billion.

Michael Price’s portfolio as an MFP Investor.

Michael Price established the Michael F. Price Center, a 224,000 square foot home for the Department of Genetic and Translational Medicine.