Carl Celian Icahn is a corporate raider and activist shareholder, renowned in the 1980s, at the height of “greenmailing,” for instigating takeovers of such companies as B.F. Goodrich and Uniroyal. Born in Queens, New York, Carl Icahn gained a philosophy degree from Princeton University and entered medical school, only to drop out for a position with securities arbitrage firm Dreyfus & Co at Wall Street. Lately, Carl Icahn reinvented himself as activist shareholder, concentrating on management ineptitude in eminent corporations, threatening proxy battles, and enriching shareholders. He has also pushed for the ouster of several high-profile CEOs like Time Warner’s Richard Parsons and Yahoo’s Jerry Yang. To date, Carl Icahn has increased shareholder value by $50 billion. Since 2004, Carl Icahn has run hedge fund Icahn Partners, which now has $7 billion in assets under management. He also formed American Real Estate Partners, a private equity outfit and holds $5 billion in shares with Federal-Mogul, ARI, and Philip Services.

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Activist stockholder Carl Icahn raises his stake at Yahoo to approximately 75.6 million shares. This is one in a string of initiatives to remove Jerry Yang from the chairmanship of Yahoo! after he spurned a buyout offer from Microsoft reportedly worth over $44 billion.

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