Susan Hockfield, born in Chicago in 1951 is the president of the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts. Her appointment was officially declared last August 26th 2004, formally taking office in December 6th of 2004. She succeeded Charles M. Vest. She earned the title “President and Professor of Neuroscience.” Apart from being the 16th president of MIT, she is the first woman as well as the first life scientist to hold a title as the MIT president. At Yale University, Hockfield acted as a professor of neurobiology and also the dean of Yale’s Graduate School. Susan Hockfield has been doing scientific research, aside from her administrative career. She is the first person who made use of the monoclonal antibody technology in brain research. With that, she discovered a gene that critically plays a part in the spread of cancer in the brain called glioma.

Dr. Susan Hockfield is the sixteenth and current president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dr. Susan Hockfield is the present corporate director of GE Industrial. She is married to Thomas N. Byrne, M.D. on March 2, 1991 at Yale’s Battell Chapel.

Susan Hockfield finished her undergraduate studies in 1973 at University of Rochester where she received her bachelor’s degree in biology.

In 2002, Dr. Susan Hockfield worked as professor of neurobiology and dean of the Graduate School at Yale University.

At October 1 2009, Dr. Susan Hockfield spearheads MIT’s international engagement strategy for the coming decades.

Susan Hockfield has also earned various honors throughout her career under the field of Science.