Arun Alagappan is the founder of Advantage Testing Inc, the company responsible for turning one-on-one SAT tutoring into a rite of passage for affluent teenagers at New York’s elite private schools. Born in Bangkok, he is the son of a United Nations diplomat. He graduated magna cum laude in philosophy at Princeton and took up Law at Harvard. He won the prize in ethics, achieving the highest examination grade in the said field, and wrote the best essay in ethical, moral, or social philosophy.

Arun Alagappan also sat on the board of editors of the Harvard International Law Journal and served as a Federal law clerk to The Honorable Judge Nelson of The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit for a year. He also worked briefly at the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell in New York City. He tutors most college, graduate school, and professional school entrance exams with a wide range of academic subjects. He worked as a Teaching Fellow in the Mathematics Department of Harvard College, where the Dean of the College awarded him a Certificate of Distinction for Outstanding Teaching of Harvard Undergraduates.

In 1986, Arun Alagappan left the field of law to found Advantage Testing, serving not only as the company’s corporate leader, but also as its highest-priced tutor. Founding the institution, he aims to nurture exceptional students with academic and leadership potential of modest means and to raise the socioeconomic diversity of students at leading colleges and universities.

Arun Alagappan was married to Fran Friedman on September 2, 1992. They have three children studying at Manhattan’s Trinity School. The couple aided in funding the construction of a Hindu temple in India in 2005. At present, Arun Alagappan and 100 fellow tutors work annually with 2,000 kids in subjects ranging from core academics and essay writing to SAT prep.

Arun Alagappan founded Advantage Testing, Inc in 1986 with the aim of providing the best in private tutoring.

Arun Alagappan was born in Bangkok to the founder of the first major Hindu temple in New York.

Arun Alagappan is considered the father of the one-on-one academic tutoring business.

Arun Alagappan was once a law clerk for the Ninth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals.

Arun Alagappan is a member of the board of trustees of Prep for Prep and LEDA.