Born in Oregon as Timothy Blixseth in 1950, he grew up poverty-stricken and eventually made millions early in his twenties by buying and selling lumber and timberland at high profits. When lumber moguls intentionally took hits on his sales causing him to lose all his money, he went out to re-develop his fortune through strategic real estate investments in the state of Montana. Tim Blixseth graduated from high school in 1968 and spent only an hour at the Umpqua Community College before leaving to pursue a career in real estate business. Now, he is recognized as one of the richest people in the US. Aside from owning the Yellowstone Club resorts and golf courses, this billionaire also has worldwide properties, including castles in Europe.

Muckety provides an interactive map for Tim Blixseth past and current affiliations with people and companies.

According to Forbes, Tim Blixseth, founder of Yellowstone Club of Montana, ranks as the 897th richest people in the United States with a net worth of $1.3 billion.

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Yellowstone Club founder launches its project called “Yellowstone Club World,” wherein 150 members could gain exclusive access to its jets and yachts, Tuscan villa, European castles, fishing in Alaska, and golfing in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Despite challenges of the divorce with his wife, Edra, Tim Blixseth remains in control of the Yellowstone Club and Yellowstone Club World.

Huffington Post’s FundRace lists Tim Blixseth’s contributions to the Presidential elections in 2008 and 2004.

In 2005, Tim Blixseth was ranked 346th in Forbes Magazine’s 400 richest Americans list. Blixseth’s estimated net worth was $1 billion.

Yellowstone Club owner Tim Blixseth plans to build and sell a 53,000-square-foot stone and wood mansion worth $155 million.

Tim Blixseth, billionaire owner of Yellowstone Club, builds a vacation haven worth $3 million.

Tim Blixseth advises two real estate investment trusts for individual shareholders.

Forbes interviews Tim Blixseth, who was named by Forbes as one of the 400 Richest Americans in 2006 with a net worth of $1.2 billion.

Forbes supplies a brief background on Tim Blixseth. In 2006, he ranked #322 on Forbes’ 400 Richest Americans.