American newspaper publisher Richard Mellon Scaife was born on July 3, 1932 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father, Alan Scaife, is known as the head of one of Pittsburgh’s most affluent families. Richard Scaife is the owner and publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The paper is under the Tribune-Review Publishing Company, which publishes a total of seven papers a day. He is listed as one of the world’s 400 richest men in Forbes magazine. As the principal heir to the Mellon aluminum fortune and the Mellon banking oil business, Richard Scaife is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 billion.

In addition to owning the second largest daily newspaper in Pittsburgh, Richard Scaife is also known as an active supporter of right wing and conservative public policy organizations. He has helped several libertarian and conservative causes nationwide by funding a handful of nonprofit foundations such as the Carthage Foundation, the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the Scaife Family Foundation, as well as the Allegheny Foundation. Apart from controlling these foundations, Richard Scaife also donated a substantial amount for the development of the Arkansas Project.

Richard Scaife’s Biography.

Richard Scaife’s profile on Forbes.

Richard Scaife’s mother is Sarah Mellon, who died in 1965. She was the niece of Andrew W. Mellon, the former United States Secretary of the Treasury.

Richard Scaife owns and publishes the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, which is also known as “the Trib,” was originally founded in 1889. –

Richard Scaife supports several conservative causes nationwide including:

Sarah Scaife Foundation

Carthage Foundation

Allegheny Foundation

Scaife Family Foundation

Arkansas Project

Richard Scaife is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.