Ken Mehlman, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, is now the Head of Global Affairs for the private equity firm Kohlberg, Kravis, and Roberts (KKR). After receiving his Harvard law degree, Ken Mehlman started his career as an environmental lawyer. His years with the RNC were marked by his pioneering efforts to reach out to African American and other minority voters. Now active in the private equity industry, Ken Mehlman has become the voice of KKR’s new vision of blending environmental practices with sound business principles.

Ken Mehlman has a personal web page that includes his career highlights, mentions in major media, biographical information, and affiliations.

Ken Mehlman is a proud to be in the leadership team of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial.

The official biography of Ken Mehlman on the KKR website.

Ken Mehlman explains KKR’s innovative Green Portfolio project, which is currently revolutionizing the way the private equity industry makes its investment decisions. Marc Gunther talks about Ken Mehlman and KKR’s work on behalf of the environment.

Interview Nation features a video interview of Ken Mehlman and Elizabeth Seeger of the Environmental Defense Fund. Ken Mehlman goes into detail about the Green Portfolio Project.

Ken Mehlman worked hard to bring African American voters to the GOP. In this Washington Post article, Ken Mehlman apologized for the party’s tendency to use racially polarizing rhetoric. It remains to be seen if the Republican Party has benefited from Ken Mehlman’s prescience.

Tavis Smiley interviewed Ken Mehlman on Smiley’s late night show on PBS. They discussed the presidential election and America’s progress.

In this Christian Science Monitor, Ken Mehlman’s political savvy and experience is analyzed. This article reveals how Ken Mehlman approaches and tackles problems.

Ken Mehlman and former DNC chair Roy Romer worked together to bring education reform to the 2008 campaign.

Fox News outlined the sharp differences in opinions between Republicans on global warming. Ken Mehlman, a former environmental lawyer, firmly believes that the GOP must address climate change, or they will risk losing voters.

Ken Mehlman represents the new, more ethical face of private equity investing, according to this article entitled “Private equity – Easing the barbarians through the gate”.

Ken Mehlman has been interviewed twice by PBS host Charlie Rose. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show also interviewed Ken Mehlman.

Ken Mehlman is quoted in this San Francisco Chronicle article about how KKR is tying investment and environmental agendas together.

The blog “Questions, Comments & Insults” describes the “THE Mehlmanian Era” as a time when the Republican Party was efficiently run by the hardworking Ken Mehlman.