Janet Holmes à Court currently ranks as one of the richest women in Australia. Born as Janet Lee Ranford in November 1943, Janet Holmes à Court is best known as the chairman of one of the largest private companies in Australia, Heytesbury Pty Ltd. After the death of her husband, Michael Robert Hamilton Holmes à Court, in the early 1990s, Janet Holmes à Court took over his business and successfully managed to increase its fortunes. Prior to becoming one of Australia’s most successful businesswomen, she was a student of organic chemistry at the University of Western Australia. After finishing her studies, Janet Holmes à Court started working as a teacher. In 1966, she married Robert Holmes à Court and eventually had four children.

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In addition to her dealings in business, Janet Holmes à Court is also involved in various progressive social issues. She serves as an active advocate for the Australian Republican Movement.

Janet Holmes à Court is the widow of the late Australian billionaire, Robert Holmes à Court.

After her husband’s death in 1990, Janet Holmes à Court took over the management of Heytesbury Pty Ltd.

Janet Holmes à Court currently serves as the chairperson of the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.

In addition to the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Janet Holmes à Court also serves as the chairperson for the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

The female Australian billionaire was also a previous board member at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

In addition to holding the reins of Heytesbury, Janet Holmes à Court also serves as an honorary fellow of the Australian Institute of Building.

In 1995, Janet Holmes à Court became an officer in one of the country’s most prestigious organizations, the Order of Australia.

The well known Australian businesswoman was included in the National Trust of Australia’s 100 Living Treasures.