J. Michael Pearson is the chairman of the board and has been the chief executive officer for Valeant Pharmaceuticals since February of 2008. Before his appointment at the drug manufacturing company, Pearson was a McKinsey and Company director in 1985. In his 23-year career, he has collaborated with top chief executive officers. He is regarded as an integral operator of major acquisitions, turnarounds and conglomerate strategy. At McKinsey, a global management consultancy firm, Pearson served different positions such as board of directors member as well as the global pharmaceutical practice and mid-Atlantic region head.

The Wall Street Journal lists J. Michael Pearson of Valeant Pharmaceuticals as one of the Best CEOs in 2008.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals appoints J. Michael Pearson as CEO and chairman of the Board after the resignation of Timothy C. Tyson, who was the president, CEO, and Director.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals and J. Michael Pearson decides to restructure the company by cutting down the number of employees to earn more profits.

Valeant’s chairman and chief executive officer comments on the company’s successful experiment on epilepsy treatment retigabine, which reduced seizures by a notable margin.

J. Michael Pearson from Valeant Pharmaceuticals International purchases 49,900 shares of common stock, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

CEO and chairman of the Board J. Michael Pearson bought 7,000 shares of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International at an average cost of $18.51 per share.

Reuters provides a brief biography of J. Michael Pearson, with updates on Valeant Pharmaceuticals International’s stocks.

Transcript of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International’s first quarter financial results conference call with comments from J. Michael Pearson, Laurie W. Little, Gregg Gilbert, and others.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International announces J. Michael Pearson’s appearance

at the Goldman Sachs 30th Annual Global Healthcare Conference held at the Grand Hyatt New York, New York City.

J. Michael Pearson comments on his company’s partnership with GlaxoSmithKlein for retigabine, one of the earliest neuronal potassium drugs that treats adult epilepsy patients.

J.M. Pearson honors his company’s additional product, OPANA ER, to its product portfolios and licensed expansion in New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

Business Week features an executive profile of J. Michael Pearson with details on his compensations and educational background.