Born in New York in 1930, Alfred Zeien, is known for being the former chief executive officer and chairman of Gillette from 1991 to 1999. He also has other corporate affiliations. Alfred Zeien earned his undergraduate degree from Webb Institute and his Master’s degree from Harvard University. During his tenure as Gillette’s chief executive officer, he started implementing changes in the overall corporate tactics and mission statement of the company. His main intention was to make each of the company’s products – its razors, Duracell batteries and Waterman pens – the leader in the world market. Part of his company goal’s strategy was to conduct an extensive pure product study, which was done every year.

Marine Biological Laboratory elected Alfred M. Zeien as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, with Robert Haselkorn, Bruce Beal and Joan Ruderman as MBL Board members.

BusinessWeek has an executive profile of the former compensation committee member, audit committee member and director of EMC Corporation, Alfred Zeien.

Fortune magazine recounted the achievements of Gillette company’s former chief executive officer, Alfred M. Zeien.

Zeien, then-chief executive of Gillette, declared “Good products come out of market research.”

J.P. Donlon interviewed the former chairman and CEO of Gillette about how he strategized for his company’s global growth.

NNDB’s executive summary of Alfred M. Zeien, who had been the chief executive officer of Gillette from 1991 to 1999.

Alfred Zeien was mention in Chapter 12 of the Practical Governance – CEO Selection, a book by Errol Biggs and J. Larry Tyler.

Alfred Zeien succeeded Colman M. Mockler Jr. in both his positions as chairman and chief executive officer.

Gillette and Alfred Zeien were recognized for having a unique strategy in dealing with various corporate issues.

EMC Corporation announced the resignation of Alfred Zeien who became one of the company’s Board of Directors in 1999.

Alfred Zeien resigned from being Inverness Medical Innovations Board member due to health problems.